We focus on improving your sales performance through technology adoption

Close more sales with CRM

No more excuses. Make every sale count.

We strive to make your sales process faster, more efficient and easier to manage so can can focus on winning the sale. 

Whether you sell goods or services, we can help you sell more and sell more often using our intuitive CRM software.

  • How many sales do you loose because a prospect has not been followed up?
  • How many sales do you loose because emails & phone calls were lost in the forest?

By using CRM you can ensure new inquiries are contacted and followed up. You can automatically send an email and schedule a follow up call that will prompt you when it's time to call.


Integrate your applications

No double entry. Full 360 customer view.

When you choose our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software we can help you integrate it with your existing systems like accounting or resource planning software.

Our CRM cleverly talks to most email systems too. So it recognises emails and auto adds them into CRM ensuring all correspondence is tracked and managed. We can even integrate your CRM with a phone system to enhance your sales and service processes even further.

Ideal for importers & wholesalers, accountants, solicitors, financial planners, all professionals, manufacturers, real-estate agents, hotels, apartment letting - just about anyone!

Reach more customers online

Easy editing. Plug & Play business tools.

Our "Jump-Start" web commerce kits include everything you need to get on the web fast! 

If you've ever tried to build your own web site then you have probably already discovered it's not as easy as it looks and it can really take you away from doing what you do.

Fortunately, Megatech have solved the problem with our jump start packages - everything you need in a complete web design package, and starting from just $1595, nothing could be easier.

If you would like professional expert advice for your computer and telephone solutions then you've come to the right place.

We pride ourselves on delivering value for money expertise without compromising on quality or service.

Whether you're a one man band or a company with a thousand employees or more, we can help you get the most out of your technology investment. 



Web Design Service Areas

Our web design services span all countries, states and territories - there's really no geographic restriction.

We are set up to help you through the web design process by utilising simple technologies like email, the telephone or even video conferencing when necessary. We can demonstrate your site's development and design via a private web address - so you are assured no one will see your site while it's in development.

To talk to a web consultant please call us on 1300 85 35 86 or register above and we'll send you an info pack.


Larger businesses will benefit from our long term relationship with Microsoft.

As a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, you can be rest assured our solutions are expertly delivered and supported.

We can offer you value licencing on 5 or more user licences, together with installation and management of all desktops, laptops and servers.

Ask us how we can tailor a special package for solutions of less than 75 computers.