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Mega CRM

CRM frees you to do what you do best: selling

Are you ready to grow your business?

CRM is proven to help companies grow and prosper through better resource utilisation. Let's face it, the cost of talented people is not going down any time soon, so managing their time and effectiveness is now more critical then ever before.

Whether you sell widgets or services, having access to a complete picture will be key to your success. With CRM you get a 360 degree view of your customers that includes

  • All correspondence (emails, phone calls, letters, quotes, orders).
  • A complete view of the pipeline including leads, probabilities, conversions.
  • Full workflow process management to ensure things get done as expected, like emails sent, calls returned, leads followed up.

Using CRM can mean working in a different way, but if being more effective and covering more bases is important, then CRM is for you.

Demo Video

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can work directly from within MS Outlook, making it a breeze to interact with your customers and update CRM with any emails you have received or tasks you need to follow up.

Here's a few short videos demonstrating the interface by task

Drive your sales productivity

Close more sales

Find prospects and leads

Marketing and Prospecting

Manage clients cases and hours

Workflows, queues and cases

Full web access

Your CRM includes custom views and data entry screens for mobile phones, tablets and desktop powered devices.

You can access your CRM from any device with a web browser. Stay connected via iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or any mobile device with a web browser, including Apple's iPad and Microsoft's new Surface tablet.

The main difference between the mobile web access and the CRM Mobile Edition is that you'll need a working Internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) to use the mobile web version, while the CRM Mobile Edition works even when you don't have connectivity. Mobile web access is available free of charge for all CRM users.

iPhone App

Work with your customer information from remote locations (airplane mode) and when you are not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Updates will automatically synchronize when you connect to a network.

Need expert CRM help?

Don't let anybody tell you that CRM is not a science!

Here's the thing, if CRM was easy to implement and if every business gained fantastic sales results in the process - everyone would do it, right!

But most companies don't implement CRM - instead they leave customer relationship to chance by using systems not specifically designed to manage customer interactions, like accounting software or time and materials billing software, and none of those application really help you understand the needs of your customer.

That's where CRM come in to it's own. CRM can provide you with a complete picture of opportunities, interactions, accounts and billing together with full workflow automation.

Getting the right help and advice
It doesn't matter what brand of CRM you install, you will need expert help getting it to work effectively in your business. 

Just as you wouldn't expect to have the skills and experience to build a house simply because you bought a cement mixer from a local hardware store, you shouldn't expect to get great results from CRM unless you're willing to take on help and advice throughout the project.

And it's not just ICT experience you'll need. You'll need people who understand sales and service at a deeper level, and people who understand the challenges faced by all departments like operations, installations, manufacturing, inventory, warehousing and others. 

Get commitment from the top
Successful projects start with committed people at the top. If the owners, directors and senior managers are not committed to the project you may find it difficult to get the amazing results you should get from implementing CRM in your business. 

If you would like us to help you implement CRM in your business - we're here to help. Call us during normal business hours hours on 1300 85 35 86 and speak with an expert CRM consultant, you'll be glad you did!