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Mega POS

Managing the sales process and inventory is critical in today's competitive retail environment!

Point of Sale (POS) is central to your business success

Many small business leave their retail systems to chance and that can be a big oversight. After setting up your business, how well you manage the ongoing processes will ultimately determine whether you prosper or die a slow death.

Your POS system is central to your business's operation - it's the heart and sole of customer interaction and inventory exchange. Your POS system can tell you what's happening and why - it's just like your own heart pulse, it feeds back critical information about what's happening inside.

We can help you select a great POS system and train you in effective business processes and management. It's not just the equipment, it's the know how too! - and that's where we come in, with 25 years retail experience. Our people are not just good IT people, they're experienced business owners with retail, wholesale and manufacturing experience.

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Sell Online!

Thinking of taking your "bricks and mortar" business on-line?

Being on the Internet is an important step for any retailer these days. But many Internet software providers don't fully understand or appreciate the intricacies of retailing. If you're serious about being on-line and being able to trade competitively then why not talk with one of our experts.

What you must know before going online
We can talk to you about various sales processes that you must implement and master on-line. 

Functions like coupons & rain-checks, category & brand discounting, rebates & co-op dollars and of course store wide sales and promotions.

We can talk about total inventory management like purchasing, stock takes, merchandise planning, lay-buys, transfers and more. And we can help you with the security and monitoring of your site - just like you would do with your own bricks and mortar store(s) every day.

More resources to help you
Find out more about developing an on-line store in our Internet & e-commerce section.

Need expert retail help?

Managing one or more retail outlets can be a daunting task if you're doing it all on you're own. 

That's why we recommend Polished Hospitality for 

  • Full Turn-Key Business Set-Up and Management
  • Liquor Licensing Advice and Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing - Social Media and Face-to-Face
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Commercial Design and Fit-Out
  • Commercial Leasing and Sales
  • Brokering Business Sales
  • Wine and Food Menu Set-Up and Management